Don’t Forget to Complete Your Corrective Actions!

The current round of Cenex® Retail Excellence Daily (RED) mystery shops are well under way and are scheduled to be completed on October 31.  These evaluations assist in identifying strengths and areas for improvement at each site – giving you the information you need to better position yourself against the competition.

Locations that score 90% or higher, will receive a passing score.  If you happen to score below a 90%, don’t forget that you can earn points back for a failed question that have been corrected.  All Corrective Actions must be submitted by November 30. 

To submit a Corrective Action:

  • Log on to the Cenex mystery shop portal
  • Click into the specific locations evaluation results
  • Click on Submit Inquiry at the top of the page, a pop-up window with a list of questions will appear
  • Select the specific question that you are remediating and enter the required information including uploading photo documentation showing corrected elements
  • Click Submit

During Corrective Action review process, photos will be analyzed to determine if standards are met and points can be returned.  It is important to note all brand standard infraction(s) must be remedied. 

Locations that don’t receive a score of 90% or greater after November 30 will receive a failure fee.  Consecutive failures will result in enforcement of contractual rights to ensure compliance with Cenex Retail Image Brand Standards. Enforcement may include, but is not limited to:

  • $250.00 fine for the first failure.
  • $500.00 fine for two or more consecutive fails.
  • Termination of the Branded Petroleum Marketers Agreement (BPMA). Contact your Cenex representative or with any questions.
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