2020 Cenex® Retail Marketing Program Guide

With the end of the current fiscal year approaching quickly, it is time to keep a look out for the new 2020 Cenex® Marketing Program Guides. This year’s book will present important information within a user-friendly format, complete with easy reference tabs and an index to help marketers find the info they need when it’s needed most.

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2019 Cenex® Ad Share Funds Expiring soon!

Cenex Ad Share Website

The end of Fiscal 2019 is quickly approaching – don’t miss the August 31, 2019 deadline to use all current Retail and Premium Diesel Ad Share funds. As a reminder, all invoices must be dated prior to September 1, 2019, and all claims must be submitted to cenexadshare@chsinc.com by September 30, 2019. Visit MyCHS at chsinc.com to view remaining Ad Share balances for 2019.

Proper Cleaning for Your Price Sign

We have recently seen some Cenex sign faces with what appear to be tiny scratches on the surface. After reviewing a few of these issues with our sign manufacturer, they believe the cause of the scratches is improper cleaning. The UV coating applied to these faces is rather soft and can be easily scratched if not cleaned properly. If your price sign faces require cleaning, please be sure to follow these instructions to avoid damaging your sign. 

Cenex Retail Solutions Preferred Vendor Program

The Retail Solutions Preferred Vendor Program (PVP) provides c-stores in the Cenex® network with the advantage of the value and cost efficiencies provided from a select group of preferred vendors in our portfolio. The objective is to provide value and help meet business goals to all who participate in this program. The program includes vendors that serve our entire Cenex footprint. Continue reading