Get ready! 2020 mystery shop inspections started July 1

CHS provides Retail Excellence Daily (RED) Mystery Shop inspections at no charge to our marketers. These evaluations assist in identifying strengths and areas for improvement at each site – giving you the information you need to better position yourself against the competition.

New this year:

  • One Mystery Shop Round Per Year
    Starting this year, all Cenex locations will be shopped one time per year. The 2020 round of mystery shops will run from July 1 to September 30.
  • Earn Points Back Through Corrective Actions
    Through the corrective action process, you will now have the opportunity to earn points back for failed questions that have been corrected. The window to submit corrective actions will close on October 31.
  • New Passing Threshold
    Sites that score 90% or higher will receive a passing score. Sites that score below 90% will have the opportunity to earn points back via the new Corrective Action process. Any sites with a score below 90% after the corrective action window closes will receive a failure fee.

As you prepare for this upcoming round, here are some brief FAQ’s. Additional details were mailed early July.


Q: When will the 2020 mystery shop round be held?

A: Mystery shops will be administered between July 1-October 31.

Q: What is the passing threshold?

A: The new passing threshold will be 90%.

Q: Will there be the option to receive points back for failed questions?

A: Yes. You will have the ability to earn points back for failed elements via the corrective action process.

Q: What questions can I submit a Corrective Action for?

A: All scored questions except for the two customer service questions (listed below) are eligible to receive points back via the corrective action process.

  • Was your cashier wearing a Cenex or store brand logo on his/her name tag, shirt, jacket, apron, or cap, etc.?
  • Were all employees behaving professionally and courteously during your visit?
Q: When does the window to submit Corrective Actions close?

A: Corrective Actions can be submitted at any time during the round and up to one month after the shop round closes, with the last date to submit being November 30.

Q: What information do I need to submit a Corrective Action?

A:  All you need to do is upload a photo showing the failed element has been resolved. Once the photo has been submitted, a quality assurance team will assess the photo to ensure the infraction has been cured and points will be returned.

Q: Where do I submit a Corrective Action?

A: Corrective Actions must be submitted via the online reporting platform by either your parent account or through your dedicated Cenex representative.

Q: What if I score a 100%?*

A: Any site(s) that scores a PERFECT 100% will receive the honor of becoming a Cenex STAR Store! STAR Stores will receive a FREE marketing kit which will include marketing materials and recognition to promote their status as a STAR store.

*Please note, STAR Stores are reserved for locations that receive 100% without corrective action point adjustments.

Below are some helpful links to ensure that you are prepared for this round of shops.

Should you have any questions on the RED Mystery Shop program, please send an email to

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