Hometown Pride winners for fiscal Q3 announced

Cenex Hometown Pride. Powered Locally.

Five hometowns were selected to each receive a $5,000 grant as part of Cenex Hometown Pride initiative. The dealer initiative, now in its second year, honors a unique aspect (e.g. landmarks, traditions, events) in a community where the Cenex brand is present. The 2020 Q3 winners are as follows:

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Cenex Retail Solutions Preferred Vendor Program

The Retail Solutions Preferred Vendor Program (PVP) provides c-stores in the Cenex® network with the advantage of the value and cost efficiencies provided from a select group of preferred vendors in our portfolio. The objective is to provide value and help meet business goals to all who participate in this program. The program includes vendors that serve our entire Cenex footprint.

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Cenex® 5 Star Feasibility Study: A Comprehensive analysis and action plan for a successful retail operation

5-Star Graphic

Are you looking for a resource that will provide guidance and direction to help your operation thrive in today’s competitive environment? Whether you’re thinking about expansion, adding a foodservice concept, purchasing a new location, or curious about the future of your business, CHS Retail Solutions has the resource to assess your operation and identify opportunities to grow your bottom line.

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Important updates for the 2020 Cenex® Retail Excellence Daily (RED) Mystery Shop Program

Yearly, CHS provides Retail Excellence Daily (RED) Mystery Shop inspections at no charge to our marketers. These evaluations assist in identifying strengths and areas for improvement at each site – giving you the information you need to better position yourself against the competition. The 2020 Summer Round of Retail Excellence Daily (RED) Mystery Shop evaluations begins on Monday, June 1.

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