Use Cenex Shop to Boost Advertising Efforts

CenexCStoreItems_REVSpring is here and before we know it fiscal year 2016 is will draw to a close (Ad Share funds are set to expire on August 31st, 2016). Don’t pass up the opportunity to make full use of your funds, turning to Cenex Shop for creative, fun ideas, many of which are automatically eligible for Ad Share reimbursement.

The opportunities are endless to create attractive, profitable customer touch points, both inside and outside your store, that cater to your community audience. Cenex Shop,, is a dynamic, online tool that allows retail operators to create professional advertising materials to promote their stores and products. Cenex Shop houses a full assortment of ready-made, customizable templates for a wide range of outreach methods – print, radio, signage, billboards, and direct mail pieces, to name a few – to fit any store’s unique needs.

As an added bonus, all c-store and refined fuels templates on the site are automatically eligible for up to 75% reimbursement through the Cenex Ad Share program. By customizing your marketing materials at Cenex Shop, and submitting qualified expenses for Cenex Ad Share reimbursement, you maximize your marketing investment.
Here are a few ideas of how to use both Cenex Shop and Ad Share to boost your marketing efforts:

  • Promote Tanks of Thanks. Reward people who are doing good deeds in your community. Ad Share-eligible materials are available at Cenex Shop for advertising the program, and getting your customers involved, as well as recognizing local winners. Take it a step further by coordinating a local event to honor your hometown winners.
  • Install/Refresh a Cenex Billboard. Cenex will fund the production and installation of your billboard when you place/update to an approved design from Cenex Shop. A variety of outdoor advertising templates are available for customization in the Outdoor Advertising category. Plus, the qualified lease for any approved board is covered up to 75% under the Ad Share program.
  • Build Traffic Drivers. Create Ad Share-eligible direct mail pieces, coupons, loyalty cards and signage on Cenex Shop to reinforce your summer promotions and drive traffic to your store. Incorporate fun promotions like a FREE ice cream bar with purchase coupon, or a fountain beverage loyalty program to encourage repeat visits with an offer of buy 9 sodas, get 1 free.
  • Place Radio Spots for the Close of Travel Season. Don’t forget to check out the wide variety of Ad Share-eligible radio scripts and pre-recorded radio spots, available for download from Cenex Shop. Get the word out into your community about your store, with most Cenex spots and scripts allowing for customization based on your unique store attributes!

Don’t see exactly what you need? Send an email to, and our team will work to help incorporate your ideas and requests. Get started with Cenex Shop today – no registration is required to begin browsing and building your ad materials!

And, to view your Ad Share balance, download claim forms and review program details visit MyCHS ( and click on the Cenex Ad Share Balance link on the homepage under My Accounts to view retail and/or premium diesel Ad Share balances.

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