Is Your Store Prepared for the Upcoming Mystery Shop Inspection?

Twice a year, CHS partners with an independent shopping firm to conduct the Retail Excellence Daily (RED) Mystery Shop evaluations. These inspections provide an outside perspective of each store’s strengths and areas for improvement – giving you the information you need to better position yourself against the competition. The Fall Round of Retail Excellence Daily (RED) Mystery Shop evaluations began on Friday, September 1.

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September is Food Safety Month

Each September, National Food Safety month presents a great opportunity to connect with your staff and reinforce the importance of good food safety practices.

Food safety should be a commitment, a mindset and smart business practice for every food service establishment. It is critical that every employee in an operation be constantly reminded of the importance of food safety, as they literally have the health of their customers in their hands. Health can be influenced by what that employee does, or doesn’t do, relative to food safety.

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ET Products, Inc. – Your DVD and General Merchandise Provider

ET Products, Inc., a Preferred Vendor, is happy to supply many great programs to our Cenex Partners.

In the last year ET Products, Inc. has expanded as a national movie distributor to also offering a wide range of general merchandise; from movies, music, cell phone accessories, apparel and much, much more. All of these programs drive customer traffic, deliver great margins, and are easily implemented.

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