Meet one of our new Preferred Vendors: MRI Midwest

newvendormrimidwestMRI Midwest is a manufacturers’ rep agency representing a variety of vendors with an emphasis on licensed sports collectible vendors. It has been our experience with convenience store operators across the country that licensed sports collectibles aligns strongly with their customers, pro teams or collegiate, resulting in good top-line dollar volume at strong retail margins.

Our vendors offer a very broad line-up of items that includes drinkware, flags, cooler bags, koozie can holders, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and on and on. A couple of key vendors are Gulf Coast Sales and Foam Fanatics. Foam Fanatics offers foam team logo signs, foam heads, Fox Sports Robots, fan masks, and key chains, all of which can be merchandised on a tower display offering great visibility to your customers. And the #1 item offered by Gulf Coast Sales is a 9-inch Throwback Football with team logos on the balls. Check out the different displays by clicking here and make sure you check this out for sure!

In an effort to gear-up for the 2017 football season, pre-book specials will be offered beginning mid-January for shipments to stores starting July 2017. Be sure to contact MRI Midwest for all the details.

All vendors will be made available to you via a link that will allow you to review all vendor items, prices, and order parameters. Please contact Michael Brown of MRI Midwest at either (612) 306-6382 or mb.mrimidwest@hotmail and this link will then be made available to you.