New Cenex® Gift Card Designs – Swap Out Materials Today

New Cenex® Gift Card designs are officially here! The 5 new designs (pictured below) will help to boost in-store traffic and highlight the everyday reasons to purchase a Cenex gift card.

All Cenex convenience store locations should have received two separate shipments with Cenex gift card materials. The first shipment included 3 packs of gift cards, gift card jackets and advertising materials. The second shipment included 2 packs of gift cards and a new 5-pocket acrylic gift card display.

When the acrylic gift card display arrives, please be sure to:

  • Insert 5 new gift card designs into outside pockets of new acrylic display
  • Insert 5 new gift card backers (included in first shipment) into new acrylic display
  • Insert new Cenex gift card jackets into inside pocket of new acrylic display
  • Place new acrylic display near register
  • Dispose of old 3-card acrylic display

If you have any questions, please contact CHS Payment Solutions at 800-852-5301. If you would like extra advertising materials to promote gift cards in-store, please go to CenexShop.

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