Reminder: FTC Label Requirements for Ethanol Blends

As this required change draws near, we wanted to remind everyone that effective July 14, 2016, retailers offering ethanol blends will need to meet new requirements for labeling fuel dispensers. These changes are based on Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requirements and are intended to help consumers select the appropriate fuel for their vehicle, and prevent misfueling. These new label standards are displayed below for your reference. Continue reading

Patron Points Makes Tracking Patronage at the C-Store Easier!

patron_points_289Patron Points is proud to work with many Co-ops when it comes to tracking members purchases at their C-stores.

Through our loyalty program, members of the Co-op can track their purchases easier than ever before.

Does your Co-op experience one of the following challenges?

TRACKING MEMBERS CASH PURCHASES – Not a problem. With a swipe of our loyalty card we can track all of their cash purchases. We work with the Co-op to submit a report of all members cash purchases to the main office on a monthly basis. No more submitting of receipts to the office for credit

NO PATRONAGE MEMBERSHIP CARDS – No problem. We can issue a unique card to each of your members. By doing this we can track all of their purchases.

WANT TO OFFER LOYALTY BUT DON’T WANT MEMBERS TO HAVE TO CARRY TWO CARDS – No problem. In most cases we can utilize your existing patronage membership cards to track loyalty as well. No need for the members to carry two cards.

YOUR CASHIERS ARE ENTERING MEMBERS ACCOUNT NUMBERS AT THE REGISTER – No need with Patron Points. The member just swipes their card at the pump or presents the card to the cashier and we do all of the tracking. No more long lines or incorrect entries on the cashier’s part.

How can Patron Points do all of this for you? Easy, Patron Points is fully integrated with Gilbarco Passport and VeriFone Sapphire and Commander. We can track all of your members’ purchases at the pump and inside your stores.

Would you like to learn more about how Patron Points can track your patronage more effectively and efficiently? Please contact Erik Ogren at 651-295-0677, or visit our website at for more information.